Month: August 2012

Ruth 3-4

1.  The story might have ended at Chapter 2. “And she lived with her mother-in-law.” But it doesn’t. Four weeks go by and there is some kind of change in Naomi. She is thinking about Ruth and her future instead of her own bitterness and loss. More importantly, she is ready to risk another disappointment. The shift from regret to hope is always huge. The change from self-absorption to risk has long ...[Read More]

Ruth 1-2

1.  I don’t take the book of Ruth to be a love story or a romance. It’s not the Song of Solomon. Some say it is Job with some sunshine. I think it has been made into that. I don’t think it is an allegory or a fictional story with an embedded Biblical truth. Because it is the third in a series of stories about people who migrate from Bethlehem – the ambitious Levite, the unfortunate concubine and n ...[Read More]

Judges 17-18

1.  It would be easy to turn this into an allegory or a morality play or to treat this as one of Aesop’s fables. We tend to do that with Biblical characters. They are no longer real but simply a means of teaching lessons. Their lives are not neat and tidy. Like our lives, they are not consistent or simply good and bad. They are a mixture. They are complicated. 2.  It’s all one account but in three ...[Read More]