Fred has taught Sunday School classes for over 35 years.  Almost always, people say: “I’ve never thought about it that way before.”  Every week we will add lessons to this archive.

Isaiah 24-25

Last week we looked at God’s judgement on nations surrounding Israel – especially the nation of Tyre.  What is the common denominator in their sin and their eventual downfall?  It is pride. Pride expressed as splendor, idolatry, insolence, fame and haughtiness.  What is their punishment? Shame, humiliation, and eventually destruction. Their promise has been perverted by their pride. I have b ...[Read More]

Isaiah 23

As we have said, Isaiah is the prophet to Jerusalem and Judea while Micah is the prophet to both Judea and the Northern Kingdom. However, in chapters 13 – 23 Isaiah stretches his vision and issues a whole series of oracles and prophecies against some of the kingdoms of the world.  While the major sin of them all is pride expressed as splendor, idolatry, insolence, fame and haughtiness, it ta ...[Read More]

Isaiah 1-5

I love quotes. Sometimes I will Google a book and read through the quotes and excerpts and think I have read the book. That’s part of the challenge in our study of Isaiah.  It’s one of the most quoted books in the Bible and, in fact, is quoted over 100 times in the New Testament. So, we feel like we have read and understood it just by the quotes we’ve seen and read. Or, we take familiar sections a ...[Read More]

Isaiah 1

For many of us the image of an Old Testament prophet looks like a scraggly homeless person weaving along the street mumbling to himself with no one listening. For others it may be a wild and austere figure like John the Baptist from the desert eating locusts and honey while dressed in camel’s hair with a leather belt shouting about repentance. For some it may be a stomach-acid-washed Jonah kicking ...[Read More]

Song of Solomon: Love As Strong As Death

Love that is as strong as death. Unquenchable love. Burning love.  Love that cannot be bought at any price. That is our text this morning.  There are so many definitions of love! We use the word to describe food (I love BBQ) to styles (I love that dress on you) to patriotism (I love America). After time, it loses its meaning. A few years ago I took Carol to my old elementary school in Cincinnati a ...[Read More]

Song of Solomon: Little Foxes

Tradition has it this text is the romance between Solomon and his second wife, Naamah. His first wife from Egypt was basically a political maneuver when he was a young man and the only wife mentioned by name is his second who was an Ammonite, a foreigner and dark-skinned.   As well, as he had 700 wives and 300 concubines, I find it hard to believe he would have had the energy or creativity to comp ...[Read More]