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    Opening Talk – The Gathering 2007

    An older and much wiser friend once told me to spend more time on the search for the right questions than right answers. How often that’s turned out to be true.  Even tonight I’m grateful for the influence of two men who asked a simple question over 2,500 years ago. I’m grateful for the conversation with God that followed as a result. I’m often asked about the vision of The Gathering.  Sometimes I feel uncomfortable in admitting I don’t think much about it.  I’ve never found the one minute elevator speech that explains who we are and what we do.  I wish I could for then I could stop asking…

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    Introduction for Switchfoot – The Gathering 2007

    Whatever happened to the easy days of introducing people for The Gathering. I could just stand here and say “Chuck Colson needs no introduction” or “we all know Jim Dobson” and get away with it. Everyone, including me, knew exactly what words best described them. Those days are gone for good! Groups like Switchfoot combine music, video, websites, blogs, multiple messages, layered meanings, causes that sometimes defy easy description and a heart for merging the gospel with a culture that is invariably surprised in the way it is presented. Many in their audiences would never describe themselves as Christian and are caught off guard by the way the music and…

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    Dad’s Memorial Service

    Northwest Bible Church – Dallas, Texas Psalm 112  Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who finds great delight in his commands.  His children will be honored everywhere; for good men’s children have a special heritage..  Wealth and riches are in his house, and his good deeds will never be forgotten.  When darkness overtakes him, light will come bursting in. He is kind and merciful – and all goes well for the generous man who conducts his business fairly.  Such a man will not be overthrown by evil circumstances; He will have no fear of bad news nor live in dread of what may happen; God’s constant care of…