Year: 2007

Opening Talk – The Gathering 2007

An older and much wiser friend once told me to spend more time on the search for the right questions than right answers. How often that’s turned out to be true.  Even tonight I’m grateful for the influence of two men who asked a simple question over 2,500 years ago. I’m grateful for the conversation with God that followed as a result. I’m often asked about the vision of The Gathering.  Sometimes I ...[Read More]

Introduction for Switchfoot – The Gathering 2007

Whatever happened to the easy days of introducing people for The Gathering. I could just stand here and say “Chuck Colson needs no introduction” or “we all know Jim Dobson” and get away with it. Everyone, including me, knew exactly what words best described them. Those days are gone for good! Groups like Switchfoot combine music, video, websites, blogs, multiple messages, layered meanings, causes ...[Read More]