Philippians 2

I know if you were here a couple of weeks ago you had a lesson on this same chapter. However, I remember the line from the Seals and Crofts song, “We May Never Pass This Way Again” and the likelihood of my teaching Philippians again is pretty remote. So, because I love this chapter so much I want to beg your indulgence and say a few things about what Paul has written not only to the church at Phil ...[Read More]

Philippians 3

Philippians has been called Paul’s love letter to the church. Not every love letter has warnings but Paul never missed a chance to remind the believers of the dangers not only surrounding them but also among them.  I’ve been reading Walt Whitman recently and he writes the greatest threat to the country was not from the outside but from the inside. We were at war with ourselves. It was John Adams w ...[Read More]