2 Corinthians

2 Corinthians 10-13

1. You may have heard or read Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon for the royal wedding yesterday. So many have commented on the fact that he actually preached a Biblical view of love – not just romantic but redemptive love that changes the world. “We must discover the power of love, the redemptive power of love. And when we do that, we will make of this old world a new world. Love is the only way ...[Read More]

2 Corinthians 8-9: Made Rich In Every Way

Before we look at the text we need to say that there is a particular context for Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. He did not write this as an overall guide to giving. This is not Paul’s philosophy of giving but his response to a particular gift for the church in Jerusalem. You know there was quite a bit of tension between Paul and the Church fathers over his work with the Gentiles. In fact, early ...[Read More]

2 Corinthians 5:11-21

1.  Where do you find the essentials of the gospel. The early church called it the kerygma or the core of the good news. People often say “if you had only one minute to state your deepest belief about life, what would you say or what would you want most to say to pass on to your family””. That is the kerygma. It is the fundamentals of what Paul and others preached. Doctrines and creeds came later ...[Read More]

2 Corinthians 4:1-12 – Jars of Clay

“Since God has so generously let us in on what he is doing, we’re not about to throw up our hands and walk off the job just because we run into occasional hard times. We refuse to wear masks and play games. We don’t maneuver and manipulate behind the scenes. And we don’t twist God’s Word to suit ourselves. Rather, we keep everything we do and say out in the open, the whole truth on display, ...[Read More]