Fred’s Thursday Blog

Vacations With A Purpose

Greg Murtha and his wife Tracey were in Tyler on Saturday picking up their nine year old son Jackson from his week at Pine Cove camp. They drove over from Nashville where Greg heads up Half-Time. Bob Buford and I were working together years ago when he wrote “Half-Time”. It was a great success and the response created the opportunity to form an organization to work with all the men and women who w ...[Read More]

Social Entrepreneurs

One of my treasures is a framed picture of Peter Drucker, Bob Buford, Tom Luce and myself outside Peter’s house in Estes Park in the early 1990s. Underneath it Bob wrote, “The Beginning of the Social Entrepreneur Network.”  It was an idea we had been working on for several years and one that was close to Peter’s heart as it combined two of his basic concepts – the value of the entrepre ...[Read More]

Bound Together

This is the first entry on a new blog for The Gathering so I’ve given some thought to what we want to do that is unique to us. I remember a particular experience from several years ago. Carol and I spent time in San Francisco and took a day to hike around the John Muir Woods. We were fortunate to have picked a morning when very few people were there and with no lines or noise. If you’ve been in th ...[Read More]