Month: September 2022

Amos 3-5

Have you been on trips through areas where every few miles there is a place marked “scenic view” or “historical landmark”? You want to stop but you don’t and always say, “The next time I make this drive I am going to allow some margin for pulling off and seeing what is there.” But we don’t. That is how I feel about these passages. I would love to stop along the way but there is too much to cover. ...[Read More]

Amos 1-2

This morning we begin a four week study in the book of Amos – one of the twelve minor prophets. Why do we call them the minor prophets? Is it because they are less important or seen as the second team supporting Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel and Ezekiel? No, they were first called the minor prophets in the 5th century by St. Augustine and the designation has remained. Why did he call them the min ...[Read More]