Month: January 2022

Three Stories in Daniel

This morning I want to look at three humorous stories in the book of  Daniel. When I use the word story I am not talking about fiction. A story is sometimes fiction but it is also the truth arranged in a certain order and told with a beginning, a middle and an end. When Katherine Hankey wrote, “Tell Me the Old, Old Story” she was not saying tell me the old, old fable or myth. She was saying tell m ...[Read More]

Introduction to Daniel

Introduction to Daniel After the death of David the throne went to Solomon, the son of Bathsheba. That was not without controversy and division as one of David’s wives, Haggith, wanted her son Adonijah to be next in the line of succession. Nathan the prophet intervened and Solomon was made king. After David’s death Solomon reigns over the greatest days of Israel. Following the death of Solomon the ...[Read More]

Ezekiel 26-28

This is our fourth week in the book of Ezekiel. Three weeks ago we met the young Ezekiel who is called to be a whistleblower and to expose the corruption and degradation of the priests and leaders of those who have been left behind in Jerusalem. Instead of deliverance from Nebuchadnezzar they are going to be overwhelmed by his armies. God has left the Temple and Jerusalem. All that will remain in ...[Read More]