Month: August 2021

Ecclesiastes 3

We live in a world of change – and that is by design. It’s not an endless circle of birth, death and reincarnation. It’s not a straight course from birth to death. It’s not fatalism. It is seasons. There is a season for everything. There is no perfect time and no fixed and permanent season. We live “between” changes all our lives. Eternity is in our hearts as Solomon says in verse 11 but eve ...[Read More]

Ecclesiastes 1

1.  The lesson this morning is on the meaning of life. It reminds me of a conference a couple of years ago when Os Guinness was assigned the topic “What is Truth?” and given fourteen minutes to speak.  What do you say about the meaning of life in the time we have this morning?  It’s either too little or too much.  So, let’s turn to the first chapter of the book. Ecclesiaste ...[Read More]

Job 42 and Epilogue

So we come to the end of our study in Job. It’s been like a five act play in some ways. Act 1 is the introduction that sets the scene for the rest of the book. Then there is the rising force that comes with the arrival of the friends, seven days and nights of silence and then their challenges to Job with his defense of his righteousness. Then the climax in chapter 19 when Job says, “I know that my ...[Read More]