Month: July 2019

2 Timothy 2:14-26

Part of Timothy’s responsibility as a teacher is not only to introduce new things but to remind people of what they already know. Most of us already know enough new things but we need to be reminded of what we know already – and we don’t always appreciate it. I need to be reminded constantly to take out the garbage, keep doctor appointments, change the oil on the car, and a host of other sma ...[Read More]

2 Timothy 2:1-13

Paul is in the final years of his life when writing to Timothy. They have been hard years filled with persecution, prison, suffering, deprivation, endless travel, argument, and controversy. Yet, they have also been years of deep and long-lasting relationships with friends, converts, churches, and disciples like Timothy. But Paul’s life has been one of extremes. His deepest friendships remained int ...[Read More]

1 Timothy 6

There are times I wish Paul had been content with giving Timothy sermon tips but, instead, he has tackled some of the major areas of controversy today. A few weeks ago, it was the role of women in church. Today, it is three in a row: slavery and freedom, false teaching, and wealth. I’ll be glad when we are done and we can move on to 2 Timothy and Paul’s final words to his beloved friend. ”All who ...[Read More]

1 Timothy 4-5

If you wanted a neat summary of these two chapters it would probably be: character. We might call it godliness, or setting an example, or virtue.  Both of these chapters are concerned with the development of character. First, in the life of Timothy himself because the character of the leader is critical to the character of the organization.  How does he develop character? Having a good conscience ...[Read More]