Month: April 2019

Two Thrones in Mark 10

For years, I thought the introduction to their request for Jesus was strange and totally out of place. But then I started looking at the context and now realize it may be simply their inability to process two different messages at the same time.  They had heard one thing Jesus said and missed the rest of it.  It’s all about context.  Jesus confused them more than once, didn’t he?  Even with the cl ...[Read More]

The Crucifixion

After an earthquake, scientists work to find both the epicenter and the hypocenter.  We know what the epicenter is: It is the point on the earth’s surface vertically above the initial quake.  It is not the origin of the quake but the spot directly above it on the surface. The actual quake begins deep below the epicenter in what is called the hypocenter. It is the point in the crust of the ea ...[Read More]