Month: January 2019

The Tower of Babel

One of Flannery O’Connor’s short stories is about a grandfather who takes his grandson, Nelson, to Atlanta to show him by comparison how good it is in the country. A visit to the city will cure him of his boredom with rural Georgia. Arriving on the train, they begin to walk and are soon lost. For the whole day they try to find their way back to the station but walk around in circles confused and n ...[Read More]

God Wrestling With Jacob

I don’t know another passage of Genesis with which I have wrestled more than this one. That’s good for you to know at the outset because you can relax and not be thinking I am going to resolve all the questions about this account. In some ways, I am like Jacob.  I come into it with fear and trembling and leave it limping. But, because it is such a central part of Jacob’s journey from the deceiver ...[Read More]