Month: March 2017

Ruth 1-2

1.  I don’t take the book of Ruth to be a love story or a romance. It’s not the Song of Solomon. Some say it is Job with some sunshine. I think it has been made into that. I don’t think it is an allegory or a fictional story with an embedded Biblical truth. Because it is the third in a series of stories about people who migrate from Bethlehem – the ambitious Levite, the unfortunate concubine and n ...[Read More]

Notes from Israel

I had no compelling desire to go to Israel but it was a good opportunity to travel with friends and family. It was not with great expectations or, frankly, looking to have the Bible come alive or walk in the footsteps of Jesus. In fact, I’m not sure what my expectations were. I knew there were a couple of places I wanted to see but not for their inspiration or life changing impact. Like most pilgr ...[Read More]

Judges 17-18

I believe it was Winston Churchill after the decisive victory in North Africa against Rommel who said, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” In the same way this passage points to the end of the beginning – the exodus from Egypt, the giving of the Law, surviving the wilderness and coming into Canaan. It is a hinge po ...[Read More]