Month: November 2016

Titus 2:9-3:15

In the 1970’s, Dr. Francis Schaeffer, the founder of L’Abris, produced a ten part film series titled “How Should We Then Live?” If Paul picked a title for the lesson this morning it would be this question. For it is a recurring theme not only in these chapters but in the entire book of Titus. All through the letter to Titus is the counsel to focus his teaching and preaching on encouraging people n ...[Read More]

Titus 2

Last week we looked at what Paul wrote to Titus about the ever present threat of false teachers. We finished with concluding that while there are many defenses against false teaching the best antidote is true teaching. If all you do is react against their sometimes subtle and often blatant distortions of the truth you will find yourselves caught up in their nets. So, Paul begins this chapter with ...[Read More]

Titus 1:10-11 False Teachers

1. Last week we looked at the personal qualities who disqualifies themselves from Christian leadership. Remember the list? Obstinate Angry Lack of self-control An abuser Greedy But, we also looked at the list of the personal qualities of one who is qualified for Christian leadership: Hospitable Loves the good in everything Prudent Respectful and Reverent Decent Self-mastery Able to correct another ...[Read More]

Titus 1

1.   While there is not much known about Titus, what is known is enough to paint him as a remarkable man, friend and confidant of Paul and someone who helped shape the early Church. He is first mentioned by Paul in Galatians 2 when he travels with Paul to Jerusalem to meet with the Council of elders to defend his gospel to the Gentiles. We also know he was sent by Paul to the believers at Corinth ...[Read More]