Month: September 2016

2 Peter 2:1-22

1. The way you teach people to recognize a counterfeit bill is to train them in the characteristics of real currency – not to show them counterfeits. There are too many different ways to make counterfeits. In the same way this morning, I would rather focus on what is true instead of what is false for a couple of reasons. First, what is false is constantly changing. Granted, there are some consiste ...[Read More]

2 Peter 1:5-21

1. The tension between participating in the divine nature and living in the corruption caused by evil desires. Desire is a never ending battle, isn’t it? There will never be an Armistice Day or Veteran’s Day in our struggle with desire. The war will never be over. We will win some battles but the war will last our whole life. We are all veterans of the war struggling with sin. We live in a constan ...[Read More]