Month: March 2016

Romans 15:14-33

This is our final lesson from Romans – even though it is not the final chapter. But here Paul is wrapping up perhaps the most important of all his letters. If we look back it is hard to believe what Paul has explored in one letter, isn’t it? Look at the topics he has covered: The sinfulness of all men or what we call today total depravity The nature of the world that has turned the tru ...[Read More]

Romans 15:1-13

Last week we talked about the weaker brother being accepted by those who had worked through some of the issues that new believers were wrestling with and this week the first part of this passage extends that. Clearly, it was an important issue then as it is now. Some people have liberty in areas that others do not. Some people have issues of conscience that others do not and learning to live with ...[Read More]