Month: December 2015

Romans 8:18-­27: Future Glory

This is the time of year when thousands of people are making predictions about the next year. Investment advisors, futurists, books about the future and innumerable articles will be written about what to expect in 2016. There is something about the future that draws us in. We want to imagine we can know what is going to happen in the next 12 months. We are fascinated about all the possible changes ...[Read More]

Romans 7-­8

1.  In Romans 7, Paul is addressing two sets of believers. He is speaking to Gentiles who have made their own moral law the standard for being good and accepted by God. But, he is also addressing Jewish believers who have been under pressure to stay inside the Law. It is difficult for us to understand because I am not sure there is a similar situation for us. When they gave up The Law they were gi ...[Read More]

Romans 6:8­-23

1.  Last week we talked about our moving permanently as refugees from one kingdom to another. “There is only one requirement and that is accepting the free gift of Christ and we are instantly, completely and irrevocably new citizens of the kingdom of life. We have given up our old identity, handed over our passport and begun a new life. There is no such thing as dual citizenship. There is no ...[Read More]