Month: August 2015

Paul Under Arrest: Acts 23-26

You remember where we left Paul last week? He was standing on the steps of the Roman barracks and had received permission from the commander to speak to the angry mob. He raised his hand and there was, as Luke says, “a great silence” as they wait for Paul to speak. What does he say? “I am a Jew” and then he tells his story. Nothing happens until he says, “Then the Lor ...[Read More]

Paul Arrested in Jerusalem: Acts 21:27-22:2

Last week we looked at Paul’s accommodation to the Council in Jerusalem – James, Peter and the other apostles and elders. Rather than confront them he agrees to take four men to the Temple for the rites of purification. As the elders say, “Then everybody will know there is no truth in these reports about you, but that you yourself are living in obedience to the law.” Paul t ...[Read More]

Acts 21: On to Jerusalem

Two of the most powerful rivers in the world – the Thompson and the Fraser – meet and join in British Columbia. The train from Vancouver to Banff runs along the ridge high above the exact spot where they merge and you can look down and watch them join. The actual term is “confluence” when two bodies of water meet – like the tip of South America or Africa. What’s ...[Read More]


A friend of mine who just moved to New York City posted this on Facebook this week: “Very small fish. Very large pond.  It’s impossible to stand out in a crowd of 8 million people. You can feel insignificant fast in NYC. Most people move here to “make it”. The sheer number of people coupled with the higher bar a higher cost of living creates no doubt fuels a collective comp ...[Read More]