Month: May 2015

The Council at Jerusalem

As Luke tells us, after Paul’s conversion he spends two years in Arabia and then a year in Damascus and Tarsus before Barnabas is sent to look for him and bring him to Antioch where they spend a year teaching until they are commissioned as missionaries. Together, they spend the next ten years traveling and planting churches. They periodically return to Antioch to give reports of their hardsh ...[Read More]

Paul and Barnabas in Lystra

After Paul’s conversion, he spent three years in Arabia, Damascus and Tarsus until Barnabas went to look for him and brought him to Antioch where together they taught great numbers of people for a whole year. Afterwards, they were set apart and sent off on their first journey. The audiences were mixed, Jewish and Gentile, until we come to the passage this morning where Paul speaks to his fir ...[Read More]

The Conversion of Saul

Without a doubt, this is the most important conversion in the New Testament. We don’t really think about the disciples converting, do we? There are other dramatic conversions like Cornelius and his family, the Philippian jailer and his family as well as Lydia, a magician and others. However, this conversion is so central to the history of the church that it is told 4 times – 3 in Acts ...[Read More]