Month: March 2015

Acts 1:1-12

1. I’m not sure why we have so little recorded about the forty days Jesus had with the disciples between his resurrection and the beginning of Acts.  I cannot imagine what the questions must have been or what it meant to have time with a man who had been dead but was now alive again.  It looks like he would come and go periodically and while he was with them he would speak about the kingdom ...[Read More]

The Reunion and Reform

1. These are the final chapters in the story of Nehemiah and the restoration of Jerusalem after the return from Exile.  You’ll remember from the first lesson that Nehemiah heard about the plight of the returned exiles when his brother returned from a trip to Jerusalem.  First, he wept, then he prayed and fasted for days before doing anything.  He evaluated his capacity (cupbearer to the king ...[Read More]