Month: February 2015

Nehemiah’s Turnaround

I met with a ministry this week whose situation reminded me so much of Nehemiah’s challenge.  He was having to rebuild an organization from the ground up with resistance from both the inside and outside.  It was wearing him down.  He was dependent on a single donor.  His board had very little sense of responsibility.  His people were fearful and comfortable with the situation.  The previous ...[Read More]

Joseph’s Bones

In the last several weeks we have been in the life of Jacob.  He has stolen a blessing, duped his father-in-law, run from his brother, wrestled with an angel, been crippled, lost his favorite child and , last week, moved to Egypt so his family and tribe could survive.  This week Jacob is dying. Dying was different then.  It was talked about differently.  People talked about being “gathered t ...[Read More]

Jacob in Egypt

If you could divide your adult life into four stages how would you do that? Marriage, first job, kids, retirement? There are probably any number of ways we mark transitions and it was the same in Jacob’s life ­ except a little more dramatic. His life is marked by four encounters with God at different times in his life. But, they share one thing in common. They all come at a time when he is r ...[Read More]

Rebekah’s Dilemma

If you visit Elk Lake, Minnesota and the headwaters of the Mississippi you will see a stream that is about 20 feet across and 2 feet deep. It flows about 6 cubic feet per second. Sometimes it is so obscured by reeds that people lose sight of the stream altogether. But if you keep going for 2,300 miles you will end up in New Orleans where the Mississippi is 200 feet deep and 7600 feet wide. The flo ...[Read More]