Year: 2014

Words for Bob Garrett

We came to Tyler 30 years ago.  Not long after we arrived, I had the privilege to meet and know men and women who had carried public and charitable responsibility in this community for a long time and did so until they died. Men like James and Wilton Fair. I don’t know if all of them would have described it this way but to me they had a call to this community.  They had wealth and they had an ingr ...[Read More]

Introduction for Roberta Ahmanson – The Gathering 2014

I seriously thought about starting this introduction with “In the beginning there was Roberta” but realized the better part of that line had been taken.  However, it would still be true in that Howard and Roberta have been a part of The Gathering from the very beginning.  It was long before she was on the cover of magazines or asked to give distinguished lectures on art, architecture, culture and ...[Read More]

Tribute To My Mother

Women’s Fund: May 8, 2014 Tribute to my mother. This week I was in East Tennessee or what we know as Appalachia.  It has been from the beginning one of the poorest parts of our country. In fact, it is actually famous for its poverty. My mother, Mary Alice Swann, was born in Smith County, Tennessee in the same town as Al Gore. Their stories could not have been more different. My mother’ ...[Read More]

Words for Elizabeth Rowan

Being asked by the family to offer these words is a gift not unlike welcoming my own children into the world. I feel as if I have been handed the precious life of Elizabeth for a moment and been honored to hold and care for her briefly as if she were my own – and then will hand her back to her family and to God. In John 12:24 Jesus says, “Listen carefully: Unless a grain of wheat is buried i ...[Read More]