Month: December 2014

The Healing of a Boy With an Evil Spirit: Mark 9:14-32

1.  I think every retreat I attended concluded with this story and the warning that returning from a mountain top experience we were likely to face the reality and frustration we had left to get away for a few days. We leave the mountain and return to the valley of real life. It’s true ­ but especially true for Jesus and the three disciples as they have just experienced not merely a retreat ...[Read More]

Psalm 148

1.  As we get older we tend to focus on what matters most.  I have several friends who tell me they have stopped reading business magazines or current events.  Instead, they have started reading Shakespeare, Ecclesiastes, Job or other classics whose themes and wisdom are more fundamental and tested. I’ve thought about that when I look at the last six psalms David wrote.  All of them begin wi ...[Read More]

Created To Rest

Last week we talked about our being created to work. And we talked about the purposes of our work not just being to provide for our families but we listed several “so that’s” about work. So that we will not be a burden to others. So that we may win respect. So that we can live a productive life. So that we can provide for our families. So that we can share with those in need. So ...[Read More]