Month: September 2014

The Sabbath

1.  Steven Covey coined a phrase, “Begin with the end in mind” and I think that applies to the Sabbath this morning. What was in God’s mind when he spoke to the children of Israel about a day of rest? Was there something more than a day of rest in His mind? I think there was. I think that end is to be found in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Ephesians 2:8: “For it is ...[Read More]

Taking The Name Of The Lord In Vain

1.  Douglas Taylor-Weiss, a conservative Episcopal priest years ago developed a list of what an observer of our culture might identify as our functional ten commandments: 1. Have a good day 2. Shop 3. Eliminate pain 4. Be up-to-date 5. Relax 6. Express yourself 7. Have a happy family 8. Be entertaining 9. Be entertained 10. Buy entertainment. In other words, live a fairly empty and superficial lif ...[Read More]


1.  The commandment recognizes that we were created to worship – to find a god – and that will either be toward the true God or to a worthless substitute. We cannot be neutral. We cannot turn off the “worship gene”. It is permanent and the only choice is to whom or what we direct it and how that either makes us mature or destroys us. 2.  The second and always unpopular fact ...[Read More]