Month: May 2014

Caring For Creation

The lesson this morning is divided into three parts: Caring for the created world; Caring for wealth; Caring for the poor. Let’s look at them individually. 1.  Caring for the created world. A few years ago I saw a movie titled “Food, Inc” about the food industry. It’s pretty rough in its presentation of how we mass produce our food – especially chickens and beef and p ...[Read More]

Marriage: Ephesians 5

1. Scripture does not idealize or romanticize marriage. It’s not Hallmark cards. In fact, many of the marriages of the greatest figures are difficult. “Marriage To A Difficult Man” is a book about the marriage of Sarah and Jonathan Edwards. He was the great early American preacher, theologian and scholar. “Edwards was less than helpful as a host, for he was still a light ea ...[Read More]