Month: February 2014

Do the Next Thing

Now and then I host what the Quakers call a “Clearness Committee” for an individual working their way through an issue about direction or a decision. This committee is a group of friends who know a person well, and the group’s only role is to ask questions. They cannot make statements or prescribe what a person should do. They cannot offer advice based on what they think they would do. ...[Read More]



Some of you know I have taught a Sunday School class for 30 years. It’s my anchor as much as it is my pulpit. For years, I taught on topics or passages I chose, but then I put myself under the discipline of teaching the “lectionary.” Baptists don’t call it that, but that’s what it is. It is the assigned reading. There are times when I would rather break out and go back to being i ...[Read More]

The Change Is Coming

I appreciate the responses we had to Peb’s question in last week’s blog: “Has anyone else noticed the eyes of major donors, especially the younger, beginning to glaze over when ministries describe the enormous numbers they are claiming? Is it just me or are others skeptical of the numerical ‘super-hype’ that has become standard and the sophisticated strategies that are producing and promisin ...[Read More]

A Towering Life

For the last several years I have met with a group of friends who also work in Christian philanthropy to talk, share experiences and support each other. Every year the conversations are different because our issues change. As well, each time we convene the trust level goes up, and the barriers to discussing uncomfortable issues go down. This year we discussed the ways both donors and ministries me ...[Read More]