Month: December 2013

The Sword of Goliath

1.  If you read biographies or watch the television program “Biography” you notice a pattern that is frequent in the lives of many great leaders. Early success and then years of obscurity and hardship – even rejection and exile. Two good examples are Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. Child stars and prodigies often experience the same. Writers and artists may show promise &# ...[Read More]

Created To Work

1.  There are few topics that occupy our mind as much as work.  It’s where many of us spend most of our lives.  Some of us spend more of our lives working than we should.  Some of us have found work that doesn’t seem like work at all.  My Dad had a phrase that described it for him.  “Work is the glue that holds life together” and that seems to be true.  What would life be w ...[Read More]

Dust and Stars

Let’s look at the story of creation this morning – but perhaps in a different way than usual. How does it all begin?  It begins with a light and then over the course of six days He speaks the world into existence – sometimes forming creatures out of the ground and sometimes simply speaking them into existence.  But however He does it, the world is almost complete – but not ...[Read More]

The God Who Speaks

1.  Some of the first words in the Bible are God’s speaking creation into existence. “God said, “Let there be light.” From that moment on Scripture is filled with God’s words to creation. And it is not a single voice in creation, is it? Creation is more the result of a conversation – especially in the account of the creation of mankind. What does it say? “ ...[Read More]