Month: August 2013

Defensive Giving Course

Earlier this summer I was hurrying to a meeting with our chief of police and was pulled over and given a ticket for going too fast through a speed zone. Yes I did think about mentioning why I was speeding but thought better of it. So I found myself this week in a defensive driving class making sure the citation didn't affect my insurance or driving record. Even though there is the option of ta ...[Read More]

Guest Blog with Peter Greer

Fred, It’s Jeff Bezos. Got A Minute?

Fred, It’s Jeff Bezos. Got A Minute?

The phone rang this morning,  and I saw a number I did not recognize. “Fred, it’s Jeff Bezos. Got a minute?”  “Jeff, good to hear from you. I’ve been wondering about what you are thinking in buying the Washington Post. I heard George Will say it was probably an intellectual challenge. Others have said this is what rich people do. Something like your own ‘Jurassic Park ...[Read More]

Less Philanthropy and More Charity

For some time now I have been wondering if philanthropy is one of those words that has either lost its traditional definition (love of mankind) or never should have been used to describe giving in the first place. In fact, I wonder if our use of “love of mankind” actually is possible or even desirable. Yes, there are numerous examples where giving springs from sincere feelings about th ...[Read More]

Guest Blogger Bill Hendricks: What My Cat Has Taught Me About Philanthropy

Lickity’s name. After she arrived” ” we always wondered why the tip of her tail was perennially wet. We never could figure it out. Then one day I found her curled up on my daughter’s bed—and I heard a sucking sound. Yes” ” the kitten was sucking her tail! Just like a baby sucks its thumb. Great! Turns out the kitten had/has abandonment issues” so the ...[Read More]

Billy Graham

Billy Graham

It’s not often I ask someone to pray for me before going into a museum or library. But this past week I did ask that of my brother-in-law because going into the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte N.C. was a test of my skeptical nature. Growing up in the middle of the post-WWII evangelical culture, I was exposed to some of the giants of that era: Bill Bright, Elton Trueblood, Billy Graham, Ray ...[Read More]