Month: July 2013

The Greatest Of These Is Love

1.  The assignment this morning is the topic of mission and how each of us are missionaries – not just those who travel to foreign countries or are full-time. That’s true and I want to look at that from a little different angle. I want to look at our mission as defined by Christ. When Jesus ascends in Matthew’s gospel he leaves the disciples with what has been called The Great Co ...[Read More]

The Council at Jerusalem: Acts 15

1.  The lesson this morning is about the issue of identity in the early church. What does it mean to be saved? Who is in and who is out? What are the non-negotiables and what is custom? Are there lines we cannot cross? These are ancient questions…but they are also current. We never stop asking them from one generation to the next. Galatians 2:1-5: “Then after fourteen years, I went up ...[Read More]