Month: July 2013

Why Doesn't George Will Read My Blog?

Every week I ask myself why one of my favorite columnists George Will ” is not reading my blog. Maybe I should use words like "obfuscate" or "bloviating" or toss in more references to baseball? It's pride. A growing family of reading friends cannot make up for my being so exiguous to George. For anyone writing a blog there are a number of analytical tools available to ...[Read More]

I Need a Religion I Can Smell

Our church has several of the ATM-like machines for donations and offerings. We jokingly call them “Automatic Tithe Machines.” I don't know what percentage of the church’s giving comes through these kiosks but if they have the same experience as online giving ” it will be some time before we see general acceptance – and then the giving will spike. In fact” s ...[Read More]

At the End of the Day

My first experience consulting for a foundation was in 1977. A friend had been giving to a televangelist and wanted to know if his gifts were being used appropriately. After three months of interviews and research it was clear to me he was being taken. His heart was right ” but the evangelist had him in a "headlock" of sorts. I presented my conclusions and made it clear how badly h ...[Read More]