Month: June 2013

A String Around The Tree

I was born in 1946 – one year after Torrey Johnson Billy Graham and Chuck Templeton met and formed Youth For Christ. For years I heard the stories of how Chuck was in fact the better preacher ” and everyone expected him to "turn the world around." Known as the "gold-dust twins” " Billy and Chuck travelled and preached together to large crowds of teenagers unti ...[Read More]

Picture Perfect

Five Challenges For Christian Philanthropy

Last night I was invited to talk about the challenges of Christian philanthropy to a group of Gathering participants and friends from around the Bay Area in California. As I've mentioned in a previous blog "Friends Not Trends " I've pretty much stopped thinking about trends in giving ” but taking a few minutes to share what makes Christian giving challenging is different. T ...[Read More]

Keller Tweets and IV Press

Growing up in the South there was a refrain we would sing not having any idea what it meant – but it was memorable: “My hope is built on nothing less than Scofield notes and Moody Press.” While simplistic, it was certainly a succinct way of defining our theology when accompanied by millennial charts and dispensations. Today we might be singing “My hope is built on nothing l ...[Read More]