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    Luke 24:1-35: The Walk to Emmaus…and Back to Jerusalem

    There are several different appearances of Jesus after his resurrection with many different responses. Some are afraid at first and then overjoyed. Some, like the chief priests, assume the disciples will steal the body and try to fool the people into believing Jesus has been resurrected. Some, like the soldiers, welcome the opportunity to make extra money by being silent about what they saw. Some doubt and need more evidence. Some, like those in our text this morning, are sad and confused and leaving town. 1.  They were so lost and headed in the wrong direction. They had been in the room when the women returned from the tomb and…

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    There Will Be Blood

    1.  The first several chapters of Romans can be described as Paul’s use of four pronouns. In chapter 1:24 he is talking about “them” – the Gentiles. In Chapter 2:1 he is talking about “you” – the believing Jews. In Chapter 3:9 he addresses everyone – we have all sinned. In 3:25 he finally addresses “him” and the work of God in addressing the issues and problems of all the others. “But now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify. This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference…

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    Five Challenges For Christian Philanthropy

    Last night I was invited to talk about the challenges of Christian philanthropy to a group of Gathering participants and friends from around the Bay Area in California. As I've mentioned in a previous blog "Friends Not Trends " I've pretty much stopped thinking about trends in giving ” but taking a few minutes to share what makes Christian giving challenging is different. There are many similarities that foundations and individual donors share with all givers. Structure” tax laws and governance – as well as basic giving disciplines – are common to all. However ” there are some issues we address as Christians that are unique and important. Theology matters.…

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    Keller Tweets and IV Press

    Growing up in the South there was a refrain we would sing not having any idea what it meant – but it was memorable: “My hope is built on nothing less than Scofield notes and Moody Press.” While simplistic, it was certainly a succinct way of defining our theology when accompanied by millennial charts and dispensations. Today we might be singing “My hope is built on nothing less than Keller tweets and IV Press.”  Times have changed…but it took years. Last week I wrote about the powerful combination of dispensational theology and parachurch organizations that produced the historic surge of post-WWII American missions. A generation later, we are seeing a…

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    John 1

    The Scottish preacher Andrew MacLaren said this is the most profound page in the entire New Testament – and he is right. It is also the most controversial and the source of most Christian heresies in the early church. What you think about this one page pretty much defines what you believe about Jesus, God, and the Gospel. That is why it is so important not to read it as an isolated page but as part of the whole of Scripture. It is the same Jesus as in Matthew, Mark and Luke but intended for a different audience. 100 years after the death of Christ the Gospel had migrated from…