Month: April 2013


1.  There are more than enough examples of the need for wisdom today. Just read the headlines in today’s paper. Everything seems to be a moral choice, doesn’t it? What do we do about gay marriage, the Boy Scouts, abortion, the environment, immigration, religious liberty, education, national debt, genocide, gun control, corruption and the list goes on. How many voices are there we can t ...[Read More]

Samuel Anoints David: 1 Samuel 16:1-13

1.  A little background From the time the people have come out of Egypt they have been loudly and consistently dissatisfied with God’s treatment of them. With the exception of Joshua and the best times of Samuel they have complained about their conditions. When they get what they want they only want more. When they do not get what they want they whine. Moses saved them from destruction in th ...[Read More]