Month: March 2013

A Fool's Counsel

  There are two kinds of fools in the world. One is the Biblical fool who is best described as a person with no self-control. He is "a larger child" governed by the impulse of the passing moment and with no ability to rule his tongue emotions pleasures or thoughts. He is stupid and self-conceited and with no ability to see himself as he is ” he rushes to his own destruction ha ...[Read More]

Finishing My Father's Journey

Steve Martin is known most widely for his early work in absurd comedy but he has also evolved into a serious art collector playwright and fine writer. In his memoir, “Born Standing Up” he recounts the death of his father. Growing up in Waco, Texas, Steve remembers his feelings toward his father as “mostly ones of hatred” as his father was cold and stern. He was critical of ...[Read More]

Follow the Money