Month: February 2013


  Michael Gerson ( mentioned on Facebook this week that he is re-reading Graham Greene's "The Power and The Glory." It's the story of a failed priest on the run from the police. He is friendless homeless and searching for some sense of purpose in his life. Hiding from his calling and decisions he h ...[Read More]

Some Things Never Change

  Last month the latest report by the Johnson Center on Millennial Giving ( was released and is both interesting and helpful. However while there are clearly significant differences in the generations ” I think it is a mistake to assume that generational differences are the most important or determinative in describing donors. There are too many other facto ...[Read More]

Your Cheating Heart

  Two nights ago I posted an article on Christian music that included this quote from Joe Bob Briggs: "Christian music is bad songs written about God by white people." My friend Steven Garber at the Washington Institute messaged me back with a piece he Steve Turner and Charlie Peacock had done at the Art House in Nashville. It began with the question “Can you sing songs shaped ...[Read More]

The Inconvenient Elder

  There has probably never been a time like today in our country for both the creation of wealth and non-profits and social entrepreneurs.We sometimes think this trend is new but it is an ancient pattern.Often you see this pattern go together “and at other times one follows the other. One of the reasons for the founding of monastic communities was that a generation of young people was t ...[Read More]