Month: December 2012

Hosea 11-13: God and Mammon

1.  Read Hosea 11:1-4. It is difficult to come to grips with all the different images of God in Scripture. Even though people can say it is like a painting or a tapestry that can only be expressed in a thousand different strokes or threads, it is a challenge – at least for me. Different characteristics have been prominent in different parts of my life. Maybe it is the same for you. Of course, it i ...[Read More]

Hosea 1:1-3:5

This is the beginning of Advent when we anticipate the coming of Christ – both his birth and His second coming. Because of that, Hosea is a good study for us as he describes conditions not unlike ours – instability, political infighting, chaos, power struggles, dissension, uncertainty, loss of faith in leadership, idolatry, corruption and disillusionment. But, his message is not just one of indict ...[Read More]