Month: October 2012

Five Challenges of Family Philanthropy

If you sometimes feel the joy of giving is eluding you, you are not alone. Over the past 20 years, we’ve had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of individuals couples and families in working with the issues that affect their philanthropy. While each individual and family’s situation is unique, we have found the following five challenges to be almost universal. Discuss it with your family an ...[Read More]

Why art thou downcast o my soul?

 I have been reading surveys from conferences designed for major donors.  It’s not something I recommend and I would rather be reading John Grisham or even John Calvin.  I’m not much of a spreadsheet person…but I am curious about what matters to people.  Of course” what people say matters to them and what actually matters are often two different things. ...[Read More]

Out of the Depths

I received an email from a new friend telling me he was on his way to spend a couple of days in an exclusive location with a room full of young evangelical elites. He had misgivings about it because he’s a reflective type but as he said ” the draw toward being identified as an elite is compelling and attractive. Some might say tempting. I could not help but think about Oscar Wilde. Osc ...[Read More]

Confessions of a Talent Scout

  If you ask most people to describe The Gathering they will tell you it is a conference.  Hopefully, they will also add it is a great conference and one of the things they like the most is being introduced to ministry leaders and speakers whom they have never heard or met.  Being a little “ahead of the curve” is one of the attractions.  We work hard at keeping that fresh.  George ...[Read More]

The First Leaf of Fall

The Velvet Revolution or Gentle Revolution was a non-violent student-led revolution in Czechoslovakia that took place from November 17 to December 29 1989. Dominated by student and other popular demonstrations against the one-party government of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia it saw to the collapse of the party's control of the country ” and the subsequent conversion from Czech so ...[Read More]

Family Dynamics

  At the most recent Gathering conference I sat in on a session where the dominant topic was dealing with family issues.  That reminded me of an article we published years ago ” but it is just as timely today. The Baylor University Institute for Family Business convened a Forum of 50 people in San Antonio and used an interesting technique for helping family members understand the d ...[Read More]

Going Out of Business

Going Out of Business

There was a time when families establishing private foundations rarely thought about an end to the foundation.  They assumed what they had created would last (as intended) in perpetuity from generation to generation.  What they discovered as John D. Rockefeller observed years ago is “perpetuity is a very long time.” I have been talking with families and executives this week about the g ...[Read More]

2012 PIGS

2012 PIGS I am at the 27th annual convening of the Professionals in Grantmaking Society (PIGS). What began as a group of five friends getting together to share information encouragement and frankly ” gossip has become a tradition that will probably outlive us all. That's because the old guard manages not to tell war stories” and the young participants have the freedom to change not ...[Read More]

Batting Against Obama

  In a column from last year titled “Who will bat against ‘Alibi’ Obama ” George Will wrote “Announcing his candidacy near the Statue of Liberty where Ronald Reagan began his 1980 post-convention campaign Huntsman promised ‘civility’ because ‘I don’t think you need to run down someone’s reputation’ when running for president. A ...[Read More]