Month: September 2012

The Wheat and the Weeds

In the last year I have been wondering how so much great art literature business success music ” charity and church growth have been accomplished by such distorted -and oftentimes tortured – personalities.  If you read a few biographies” other than George Washington and a very few others ” you get a sense of how extraordinary talent is almost invariably carried by crac ...[Read More]

I'll Fly Away

I'll Fly Away

Today I went to the funeral of a young 29-year-old man who killed himself after nine years of fighting schizophrenia.  He had Christian music playing in his car and a book by his pastor on the seat next to him. Until he went away to college he was “normal” and showed absolutely no signs of mental illness. He was a kid.  Just a kid. Schizophrenia is a disease that typically begins in ea ...[Read More]

The Beginning at the End

  My father grew up in poverty in Nashville ” Tennessee. My grandfather was a pastor” who also happened to be an Irishman named Bunyan. He was somewhat forced to move from church to church because he would tell the truth about the departed at funerals. However ” my grandmother was determined that my Dad would get out of their poor neighborhood and – while making someth ...[Read More]

Life Is Hard

  A recent column by David Brooks 'The Life Reports' included this line:


I grew up with two competing perspectives on worry.  The first was Mad magazine’s idiotic  Alfred E.

A Matter Of Time

  A young friend (against my advice) took a leadership position in a ministry with a history of detached major donors infighting among the staff weak executive leadership a dated mission that is out of touch with the changing demographics of their market a retired founder who still has influence on Board decisions and a business model that depends almost 90% on a few supporters.  Given t ...[Read More]

Living in the Shire

  You cannot have a good conversation in London without getting around to the issue of the role of government in modern society.  One night at dinner our distinguished guest was very direct about her dismay that a country calling itself a “Christian” country could allow anyone to be without a minimum of health care.  After all ” the role of government is to take ca ...[Read More]

"Prosperity Knits a Man to the World"

While I knew the story of the rich young ruler long before I ever read those words in C.S. Lewis ” I've never heard it put better.  Many times” ” the best way to understand a person is to see them in contrast to another in similar circumstances.  I've done that with Bonhoeffer and Hitler.  The differences are stunning and studying them together only puts ea ...[Read More]