Month: April 2012

The Wilderness

  William Bridges wrote “Transitions"” years ago which helped me think about the difference between “change” and “transition”.  It did not seem like much at the time but the distinction is important.   Change happens all the time and it doesn’t matter if it is small (change banks) or large (death of a spouse or loss of a career).&n ...[Read More]

Satellite Radio

  A couple of years ago Carol’s friends gave her a satellite radio receiver for her car.  It’s a source of amusement to me because like cable television there are hundreds of choices – especially if you like sports heavy metal music talk shows country western country/country western/western and more sports.  The only time I use it is when we travel and I can find s ...[Read More]

Fake Smart

  I have a friend who told me he read book reviews instead of books because it was more important to know about a new book than to have read it.  He called it “fake smart”.  It’s a good phrase.  I do the same.  I don’t want to be caught not having at least some knowledge about the latest book so I snack on the reviews and unfortunately ” lose ...[Read More]

A Response To David Brooks

  David Brooks is so right about so many things – and his opinion piece last week on the "wonderful young people who are doing good" (Link) is on the mark as well.  His conclusion that their idealism is ultimately not enough because it does not address the harsh realities of politics systems corruption and the extent of "disorder" in those very places they ...[Read More]

Old and Improved

Old and Improved

I pray none of my college teachers read this.  I went to school in a time that valued citations and footnotes – not so much original thought.  I learned this the hard way but over time figured out how to game the system.  Here’s the part I hope they don’t read.  If I had something to say for which I did not have another source, I would make up a source and create a footnote.  I knew the professor ...[Read More]

Running On Empty

  I love Jackson Browne's music ” and yet there are times when I don't want to hear one more song about how hard life on the road is for rock stars.  Yes” it's lonely. And yes it's a grind. And yes home is so much better. But really ” how bad can it be?  Rock stars enjoy a great lifestyle with loads of recognition and adoration – and not ...[Read More]

Working With Foundations

  If you work with foundations you have no doubt received calls or notes  from people asking if you know  foundations that support particular causes. Because of my role with The Gathering I get my share. Typically I try to explain having a list of foundations to contact isn't all that helpful. For one the descriptions of what they fund are often not current or not accurate and s ...[Read More]

Aging Boomers and Millennials

  I've been re-reading a couple of books (Generations: The History of America’s Future for one)  by William Strauss and Neil Howe as a result of seeing several posts on Facebook about the uneasy relationship between Millennials religion and politics. This book was published in 1991 and because I was born in 1946 I especially like the sections on the relationship between Bo ...[Read More]

Donor Perks

  There are two instances in Luke’s writings where Roman centurions get special treatment for being good people.  The first is the Roman centurion in Luke whose valued servant is ill and the second is Cornelius in Acts who had a vision of an angel telling him to bring Peter to his home.  For both ” they had earned a reputation of being godly men whose gifts to Jews had b ...[Read More]