Month: March 2012

Caesar Augustus and Jesus

When I taught the book Eric Metaxas wrote on Bonhoeffer, I looked at it through the lens of the story of two men who collide without ever having met. Had there not been an Adolph Hitler we would have probably never heard of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Had there never been a Dietrich Bonhoeffer things might have turned out differently in Germany. Their lives were joined together. This is the same kind of ...[Read More]

Luke 1:1-80

1.  Luke has been called the writer who most presents Jesus through the eyes of women and the Gospel starts from the beginning with two women – Elizabeth and Mary. Not just two women but women in very difficult circumstances. One with no child late in life and the other with a child early in life but unmarried. There are several miracles in the Bible related to a woman not having a child. Sarah an ...[Read More]