Month: January 2012

1 Samuel 1:1-19: Hannah’s Prayer

1. Establish the characters Penninah – unbearable – year after year, relentless Elkanah – loving, accepting, bewildered Eli – failed priest with wicked sons to follow him Hannah – years of pain, grieving, bitter soul Many biblical characters live for years with unrelieved pain. Jacob and Leah. Sarah and Hagar. Rachel said to Jacob, “Give me children or I’ll die.” 2. What was their relationship wit ...[Read More]

Korah’s Rebellion: Numbers 16

Two weeks ago we looked at Numbers 11 and the uprising of the rabble against Moses to complain about the lack of variety in the food. Between then and now there have been two more rebellions – first from Miriam, his sister, and Aaron, his brother and the high priest. As well, ten of the twelve men who explore Canaan come back with reports of giants in the land and the impossibility of their taking ...[Read More]