Month: November 2011

A Thanksgiving Irony

I think ironies make life interesting unless they become cause for cynicism. One of those ironies is our spending a full day of thanksgiving with our attention on gratitude and blessings whole families volunteering to feeding the poor at the Salvation Army or a homeless shelter and so far the retail industry has not figured out a way to turn the focus to presents cards and extravagance – oth ...[Read More]

Faith Angle 2011

Last week I attended the annual three day Faith Angle Conference conceived and hosted by Michael Cromartie the Vice President at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.  He also directs the Evangelicals in Civic Life program as well as having served on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom from 2006-2010.  (  It’ ...[Read More]

The Art of Unlistening

Some things run in the family. Years ago  author Pat McMillan ( went to my father for advice about becoming a consultant.  Dad sat him down and did his best to discourage him with all the obstacles and hardships of building a consulting business and the likelihood of failure.  Fortunately Pat listened with respect and then went and bui ...[Read More]

The Gospel According to Pixar

My church hosted David Zahl co-author of The Gospel According to Pixar and the founder of Mockingbird ( in Charlottesville Virginia where he is on staff at Christ Episcopal Church.  The premise of the book is Pixar films have created high quality films that engage not only children but adults.  Moreover “the films tell compelling stories about love forgiveness fear lo ...[Read More]

The Christian Social Vision

I hardly ever read books ahead of time when I travel.  I don’t know why.  Most people prepare.  I “postpare” I guess.  I’ve been reading “God’s Continent” by Philip Jenkins ( after coming back from our Europe trip and he says something that makes sens ...[Read More]

A Memory of John Stott

In the early 90’s I invited Dr. John Stott to meet in Florida with a select group of pastors from large churches around the country.  I was the President of Leadership Network a ministry to senior ministers and staff of those large and growing churches.  While many of these highly entrepreneurial pastors had little regard for academia or even the seminaries from which they had graduated, they all ...[Read More]

Prophet and Peer

Nat Wei took on a challenge that was probably doomed to failure – to head the Big Society initiative of Prime Minister David Cameron aimed to reduce the role of the State and get local volunteers to provide more services and “to take power away from politicians and give it to the people.”  The Prime Minister in introducing it said it was “about changing the way our cou ...[Read More]