Month: September 2011

The Messiah

This morning we are looking at what Jesus believed about his being the Messiah (or Christos – the anointed one). Jesus did not step into a historical vacuum. The Jews had developed a number of beliefs around the figure of the Messiah – and Jesus confounded them all. So, let’s look at some of the background for the anointed one. At the time of Jesus, many (or most) Jews believed in a messiah who wo ...[Read More]

Basic Doctrines Of The Church

This morning we are beginning a several week series on the study of  basic doctrines of the Church.  There is a good case to be made for this.  We don’t hear much about doctrine today.  I’m not sure I heard much about doctrine when I was growing up.  We knew we were Baptists and thought we knew what that meant but didn’t.  We learned our doctrine from our hymns.  We knew about propitiation from “W ...[Read More]