Month: August 2011

Lamentations 3

Many of us have a favorite city. It may be San Francisco, London, Paris, New York, Chicago or even smaller cities. Each one has a particular personality and represents something that we value. I love cities. They are more than buildings and crowds. They are beautiful even when they are quiet – maybe especially when they are quiet. William Wordsworth was passing through London on his way to Paris a ...[Read More]

Jeremiah 35-39

You’ve noticed by now that the book is not put together in a linear sequence. It is a series of recollections by Jeremiah written up by Baruch. One experience brings to mind another so instead of the book always being a chronological account, the chapters often skip back and forth across history – just like Jeremiah would remember them. While Baruch was faithful in recording them just the way Jere ...[Read More]