Month: August 2011

Q and Unlearning

I attended my first Q conference this year in Portland.  While it is hard to compare Q to The Gathering I did have one especially vivid and riveting experience.  No it wasn’t the tattoos and dredlocks or the testimonies about growing up in a Baptist church and then coming to faith.   It was something even more challenging for someone like me who hosts a conference.  ...[Read More]

Who is Great?

Several times in the Gospels the disciples ask Jesus about who will be great in the Kingdom.  It’s not a bad question.  In fact it’s a question I encourage younger people to ask themselves.  How you define greatness makes a difference…and you cannot know unless you ask.  It’s the question we should be asking when we are young and should keep asking all ...[Read More]


I had heard about the app YouVersion ( and the story behind it a few months ago.  Last month I ran into Bobby Gruenewald the innovation leader at in Edmund Oklahoma and the developer of YouVersion.  What began as a service to the congregation has now been downloaded by 20 million people around the world – and I am one of them.  I use it for a d ...[Read More]

Wealth and Riches

We came to Tyler 25 years ago.  Not long after we arrived I had the privilege to meet and know men and women who had carried public and charitable responsibility in this community for a long time and did so until they died.  I don’t know if all of them would have described it this way but to me they had a call to this community.  They had wealth and they had an ingrained sense ...[Read More]

Business as Missions

Carol and I recently had dinner with David and Mary Ann Bishop. We met them when they were a young couple. David was managing his family business and Mary Ann was teaching Bible Study Fellowship in Myrtle Beach. When David sold the various businesses ten years ago he and Mary Ann had the freedom to explore an idea that had been in their minds for years.  They never had a call to be traditional mis ...[Read More]

Pleasure and Pain

Several years ago I read an article that used research to show how the brain reacts to gain and loss. It seems the amount of pleasure we receive from a gain of say $1000 is not equal to the amount of sadness we feel about a loss of the same amount.  Our capacity for regret seems to outpace our capacity for happiness. The article went on to show the applications for investing. Some people will hang ...[Read More]

Celebrity Worship

A few days ago Thom Shultz at Group Publishing posted an article on the dangers of celebrity worship – both for the celebrity and for those who follow them based on their being famous. It was not a blanket indictment of great talent or legitimate accomplishment but a warning about the temptation to be caught up in fame and pursue it for its own sake.  Reading it reminded me of a note I recei ...[Read More]

Bridging the God Gulf

Last week I attended the Nexus: Global Youth Summit on Innovative Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship. Hosted by Jonah Wittkamper and Search for Common Ground it was one of the most international conferences I have attended in years.  While a good portion of the participants currently live in the States as they have settled here after attending US colleges, their homes and families are all ov ...[Read More]


I’d like to say I volunteer because I am altruistic. The truth is volunteering gives me an opportunity to learn more about organizations and the people who work there. Today I volunteered to wash cars for families with loved ones at our local hospice. It only makes sense that getting your car washed while your father is in his last few days is not at the top of your “to do” list. ...[Read More]