Month: July 2011

Jeremiah 30-33

We’ve been working through the “flashback” of Jeremiah’s relationship with the Israelite kings following Josiah. This is his 40th year of ministry and he has virtually nothing to – show for it – other than faithfulness. If he were to come back to his home church to report on his results he would be a big disappointment. His message has never changed but not one king – other than Josiah – has ...[Read More]

Jeremiah 26-29

We are continuing with the “flashback” device this morning. Remember we reached something of a climax/confrontation between Zedekiah and Jeremiah in Chapter 21 and then the scene suddenly shifts to a series of confrontations with previous kings. It is a way of showing that this is a pattern of Jeremiah’s relationships with all the kings since Josiah and a history of God’s attempts to shake the peo ...[Read More]

Jeremiah 22-25

We reached a climax last week. If this were a television show it would have had “to be continued” at the bottom of the screen and we would be waiting for a week or a new season to find out what happens. Jeremiah has finally pushed the king and the high priest to the limit. He is not just a nuisance. He is a full-fledged traitor. He has encouraged the people of Jerusalem to surrender to the enemy a ...[Read More]

Jeremiah 19-21

Since last week, things have changed dramatically for Israel, Egypt and Babylonia. As we know, Israel was reviving economically, politically and spiritually under Josiah. Everyone – except Jeremiah and God – was optimistic. Egypt wanted to join forces with Assyria to attack Babylonia. To do that, the Pharaoh had to travel through Megiddo. For some unknown reason, Josiah went out to challenge him a ...[Read More]

Jeremiah 16-18

As we said a couple of weeks ago, Jeremiah was given the burden of speaking the truth to Israel at a time they would have been surprised to hear what God had to say. From their perspective, they were in a time of renewal: economic, social, political and spiritual. They thought of themselves as experiencing good times, finally, and turning the country around. Things were looking up and prophets sho ...[Read More]