Month: July 2011

How Much is Enough?

“How much is enough?” is a question we often hear asked about personal wealth. I have heard it very few times asked about foundation assets. The assumption seems to be the accumulation of assets is a good thing and that will only mean more to give.  Now and then I will hear from a friend struggling with the growth of foundation assets. That’s the case in this recent letter. “Dear Fred: My cr ...[Read More]

Called to Suffer…?

Like everyone else I’ve tossed around the words “call” and “anointing” to mean discovering the right place in life. Of course the implication is always this is the place where you will be the most fulfilled, satisfied and genuinely engaged. Campus Crusade used to call it “God’s wonderful plan for your life”. Over the years I’ve helped any number of young people find their calling and there are cou ...[Read More]

Step right up…

While in Portland for the latest Q conference in April I had a few minutes with one of the participants who has also been a speaker at many Christian conferences around the country. We had not seen each other in a couple of years and I wanted to catch up – and hoped he did as well. As we talked he made a funny comment about being one of the “carnies” that move around from show to show on the circu ...[Read More]

Who Gets The Money…?

I don’t make many statements or give quotes but sometimes I do when I think the issue is interesting and my perspective will help. That was the case in an article by Christine Scheller  titled “Who Gets The Money?”. The premise is Christian donors are less likely to write checks to minority-run ministries and there is possibly a race-based disparity. A minority ministry leader, Leroy Barber from M ...[Read More]

The Next Chapter for Leadership Foundations

I spent an hour on the phone this morning with Dave Hillis the relatively new President of Leadership Foundations. I was first introduced to LF many years ago through Reid Carpenter – a genuine cowboy and former Young Life leader.  As everyone says semi-seriously “If you were in Urban Young Life you moved to Leadership Foundations when you got older.  If you were in regular Young Life you moved to ...[Read More]

Vacations With A Purpose

Greg Murtha and his wife Tracey were in Tyler on Saturday picking up their nine year old son Jackson from his week at Pine Cove camp. They drove over from Nashville where Greg heads up Half-Time. Bob Buford and I were working together years ago when he wrote “Half-Time”. It was a great success and the response created the opportunity to form an organization to work with all the men and women who w ...[Read More]

Social Entrepreneurs

One of my treasures is a framed picture of Peter Drucker, Bob Buford, Tom Luce and myself outside Peter’s house in Estes Park in the early 1990s. Underneath it Bob wrote, “The Beginning of the Social Entrepreneur Network.”  It was an idea we had been working on for several years and one that was close to Peter’s heart as it combined two of his basic concepts – the value of the entrepre ...[Read More]