Fred has taught Sunday School classes for over 35 years.  Almost always, people say: “I’ve never thought about it that way before.”  Every week we will add lessons to this archive.

The Death of David

This morning will be a little different in that we are going to have discussion at the end!  Yes, I know that is a surprise but I think there are issues and questions here that are worth our considering together. 1. There is an art to obituaries.  I like the funny ones especially. Danny Lloyd “was a generous man — giving away many of his possessions in the months before he died.  He even lef ...[Read More]

David’s Counting the Fighting Men

It was not uncommon for pagan kings to count their people to determine how large their armies could be if needed and also to display their military might to themselves, their allies, and their enemies.  They would host great parades through the capital to show off their capabilities and bolster the confidence of the people. To that point David had not.  He had depended on the allegiance of his fol ...[Read More]

Athithophel and Absalom

There are a few figures in Scripture who grow on you with age. Perhaps we understand them or their circumstances more or we have more in common as we grow older or we have experiences that explain their behavior.  That is the case for me with Ahithophel. I had one response to his story when I first read it and that was, “Oh, the bad man who committed suicide.” Yes, he did but he was far more than ...[Read More]

Absalom Steals The Hearts of Israel

Rebellions do not happen overnight.  After years, there is always a tipping point in either an event or a moment that precipitates them.  We talk about the beginnings of the American Revolution and we know it was not simply the Boston Tea Party or the Boston Massacre, but the years of resentment over the taxes Britain imposed to maintain their troops after the French-Indian War and to increase rev ...[Read More]

The Beginning of the End: 2 Samuel 13

This is the beginning of the worst period of David’s life.  The effects and consequences of this rape and his response to it plague him and the whole nation for the rest of his life.  His adultery with Bathsheba set in motion a series of events that in one way or another corrupt his house and the nation until they go into captivity hundreds of years later.  You know the phrase “A Simple Twist of F ...[Read More]

David and Bathsheba

1.  If I did not know this story was from Scripture, I would think it was one of the morality plays popular in the 16th century.  In them, the main character was surrounded by good and evil influences and the tension was what choices they would make – good or bad. There are many tragic stories in Scripture but, for me, this is the one with the greatest sense of loss – not only for Davi ...[Read More]