The Gathering Introductions

Introduction for Michael Card – The Gathering 2015

The imaginative Bible teacher requires a particular sort of humility. Whereas the writer or the poet or artist can create with an almost totally free hand, the Bible teacher does not write the text. So, teaching comes with limitations that frustrate some and in their desire to be creative and not repeat what has been heard over and over again, they fall into the trap of distorting the text in ways ...[Read More]

Introduction for Kay Warren – The Gathering 2015

Maybe that’s just the right place to introduce Kay this evening because she has been down many roads over the last several years. C.S. Lewis said that a young man who wishes to remain a sound atheist cannot be too careful of his reading. There are traps everywhere – Bibles laid open, millions of surprises…fine nets and stratagems. God is, if I may say it, very unscrupulous.” It was one of th ...[Read More]

Introduction for Andrew Peterson – The Gathering 2015

Artists require a special quality of humility. Not the kind that denies their gift but that which is often surprised when the ideas, images, words and melodies first come to mind. Because, in the end, they do not create out of nothing. The best are those who know how much of their work is listening and then following the thread to see where it leads. When asked where his inspiration comes from And ...[Read More]

Introduction for Roberta Ahmanson – The Gathering 2014

I seriously thought about starting this introduction with “In the beginning there was Roberta” but realized the better part of that line had been taken.  However, it would still be true in that Howard and Roberta have been a part of The Gathering from the very beginning.  It was long before she was on the cover of magazines or asked to give distinguished lectures on art, architecture, culture and ...[Read More]

Introduction for Scott Harrison – The Gathering 2012

These are Scott Harrison’s word. “In 2004, I left the streets of New York City for the shores of West Africa. I’d made my living for years in the big Apple promoting top nightclubs and fashion events, for the most part living selfishly and arrogantly. Desperately unhappy, I needed to change. Faced with spiritual bankruptcy, I wanted desperately to revive a lost Christian faith with act ...[Read More]

Introduction for Todd Hendricks – The Gathering 2012

Max De Pree wisely says the first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant. That’s sage counsel but it almost assumes a steady course and fair winds. What is the role of the leader when the bottom falls out and the reputation of the company and your personal integrity are being called into question. Reporters are showing up ...[Read More]

Introduction for Phil Vischer -The Gathering 2011

On Thursday night, I quoted from 2 Timothy 1 and Paul’s admonition to keep our special gift stirred up: God doesn’t want us to be shy with his gifts, but bold and loving and sensible. Sometimes boldness becomes distorted and the flame of the gift consumes not only the person but those around them. I think that is part of Phil’s message to all of us in his book, Me, Myself & Bob. Some of our fa ...[Read More]

Introduction for Sara Groves – The Gathering 2011

Two years ago I heard a teacher of the psalms remark that our modern worship songs and the choruses we sing are full of praise, hope, thanksgiving and God’s love for us. In fact, he went on to say, maybe there is so much emphasis on God’s love and care for us in every detail of our lives that we have excluded hymns that reflect our own laments, complaints and petitions. In doing so, have we uninte ...[Read More]

Introduction for Dr. Eugene Peterson – The Gathering 2011

I don’t believe I have ever introduced a speaker using his own words until now. I might quote from a book they have written or something said about them but never have I used something from personal correspondence. You’ll see why shortly. When I asked Eugene Peterson to be the Bible teacher this year I did not know what to expect. When he said “yes” I was delighted because in the small amount of p ...[Read More]

Introduction for Jim Daly – The Gathering 2011

I met Jim for the first time several years ago when he was brand new to the role of President at Focus on the Family. It was in the Board room and, I confess, I was expecting an appropriate wait with a bit of a grand entrance with maybe some mid-level advance staff preceding him making sure everything was just so. I could not have been more wrong. Instead, a smiling and genuinely friendly Jim Daly ...[Read More]